Xamarin Forms Maps Add Custom Pin Icon With Click Event

This is how I add a custom pin using Xamarin Forms Maps with no additional Nuget packages other than Xamarin.Forms.Maps

If you havent already, then download the Xamarin Forms Master Samples and look under the CustomRenderers/Map folder

*Save your custom icon .png files in the Android project Resources folder and iOS project folder.

In the CustomPin.cs file add an Icon string

public class CustomPin : Pin
public string Name { get; set; }
public string Url { get; set; }
public string Icon { get; set; }

Then in your Android CustomMapRenderer.cs file in the CreateMarker override add SetIcon

protected override MarkerOptions CreateMarker(Pin pin)
var marker = new MarkerOptions();
CustomPin p = new CustomPin();
foreach(var cp in customPins)
if(cp.Position == pin.Position)
p = cp;
marker.SetPosition(new LatLng(pin.Position.Latitude, pin.Position.Longitude));
//marker.SetSnippet(pin.Address); marker.SetIcon(BitmapDescriptorFactory.FromResource(Resource.Drawable.pin));
return marker;

in iOS in the CustomMapRenderer.cs GetViewForAnnotation()

protected override MKAnnotationView GetViewForAnnotation(MKMapView mapView, IMKAnnotation annotation)
MKAnnotationView annotationView = null;
if (annotation is MKUserLocation)
return null;
var customPin = GetCustomPin(annotation as MKPointAnnotation);
if (customPin == null)
throw new Exception("Custom pin not found");
annotationView = mapView.DequeueReusableAnnotation(customPin.Name);
if (annotationView == null)
annotationView = new CustomMKAnnotationView(annotation, customPin.Name);
//annotationView.Image = UIImage.FromFile("pin.png");
annotationView.Image = UIImage.FromFile(customPin.Icon);
annotationView.CalloutOffset = new CGPoint(0, 0);
annotationView.LeftCalloutAccessoryView = new
annotationView.RightCalloutAccessoryView = UIButton.FromType(UIButtonType.DetailDisclosure);
((CustomMKAnnotationView)annotationView).Name = customPin.Name;
((CustomMKAnnotationView)annotationView).Url = customPin.Url;
annotationView.CanShowCallout = true;
return annotationView;

And then in the MapPage.xaml.cs file add your custom icon

public MapPage()
CustomPin pin = new CustomPin
Type = PinType.Place,
Position = new Position(37.79752, -122.40183),
Label = "Xamarin San Francisco Office",
Address = "394 Pacific Ave, San Francisco CA",
Name = "Xamarin",
Url = "http://xamarin.com/about/",
Icon = "pin.png"
customMap.CustomPins = new List { pin };
customMap.MoveToRegion(MapSpan.FromCenterAndRadius(new Position(37.79752, -122.40183), Distance.FromMiles(1.0)));
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